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Our research programme collaborates with all kinds of partners to achieve our goal: bringing scientific discoveries to the clinic as soon as possible.

National Pharmaceutic Knowledge Center (NFKC).

The NFKC foundation focuses on retaining and further developing regulatory knowledge in the field of drug development for the Netherlands, supporting the development of innovative drugs in academia, and conducting scientific research to this end. In addition, the foundation contributes to training talented pharmacy students, hospital pharmacists, and clinical pharmacologists. In this way, the foundation contributes to keeping orphan medicinal products affordable and maintaining drug production in the Netherlands.

NFKC website


Ofimedicine is a pharmaceutical company with a branch at the Leiden Bioscience Park. Ofimedicine produces and delivers high-quality drugs and services. With the help of their laboratory and production environment, they offer flexible solutions on a larger and smaller scale. Ofimedicine is part of the Ofichem group.

Ofimedicine website

Centre for Human Drug Research (CHDR)

The Centre for Human Drug Research (CHDR) is an innovative institute in the field of clinical drug development. Since its establishment in 1987 at the Leiden Bio Science Park, the Centre has conducted dozens of research studies each year. These studies involve both healthy volunteers and patients. As a foundation, CHDR has no shareholders. Their profit is therefore not paid out to individual investors or owners. The proceeds are used to invest in the Centre's own research and to train new researchers.

CHDR website

Medicine for Society

Medicine for Society (Medicijn voor de Maatschappij) is a platform for the sustainable and affordable availability of drugs for rare diseases. Medicine for Society carries out projects that contribute to the structural availability of drugs for rare diseases. Their projects vary from organising a tender that leads to cost saving, to registering a drug, or pharmacy preparation as a temporary solution. They also conduct research on the laws and regulations concerning drugs for rare diseases.

Medicine for Society website

Centre for Future Affordable Sustainable Therapy Development (FAST)

The core activity of FAST is strengthening developments that provide opportunities to improve therapy development in areas where the Netherlands can potentially excel and achieve a leading position. FAST focuses on current developments and preparing the therapies of tomorrow. FAST offers a central location where innovators from academia, start-ups and companies can receive accessible help and regulatory and other multidisciplinary support. FAST plays a signposting role and offers support in developing solutions, setting up and supervising use cases, experiments and validation research.

FAST website

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