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Coptic Course NOSTER

NOSTER, the research school for Theology and Religious Studies, organizes a Coptic Course in the fall of 2023. Students can enroll until October 1.

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This fall, the research school NOSTER offers a course in elementary Coptic, the youngest phase of the Egyptian language, which enjoyed active use in Egypt from roughly the fourth to the fourteenth centuries CE. It continues to be employed in the liturgies of the Egyptian Orthodox (Monophysite) Church. Coptic is of fundamental importance to the history of late ancient and medieval Egypt. Its literary tradition is characterized by a diverse and vibrant religious literature: biblical, monastic, gnostic, hermetic, Manichaean, liturgical, and magical texts are all preserved in Coptic—and often only in Coptic. Coptic documents are instrumental to our knowledge of everyday life in Egypt under the Romans, and then the Umayyad, Abbasid, and Mamluk dynasties.  


Students who complete this course will achieve a basic knowledge of Coptic grammar, morphology, and vocabulary. Registration is open to (Re)MA students who are a member of NOSTER or any other research school in the humanities as well as to PhD candidates who are a member of NOSTER. Registered users can enroll until 1 October 2023. Please contact us if you want to enroll after this date. If you are not yet a (guest) member of NOSTER, please visit our website and/or contact noster@ru.nl 

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