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For whom

Would you like to learn more about a particular subject under the guidance of enthusiastic academics? Or would you like to take a look at a study you are considering and experience what it is like to attend the university?

Or would you like to meet motivated peers with similar interests? Have you answered 'yes' to one or all of these questions? Then sign up for one of the many PRE-Classes at Leiden University!


The PRE-Classes are a programme for motivated, curious students from 5- and 6-vwo. Some Classes are also open to students from 4-vwo in consultation with the coordinator.

Selection criteria

The main selection criteria for PRE-Classes are school performance and motivation. Since taking a PRE-Class requires extra effort from the student in addition to regular schoolwork, the programme is primarily intended for students who can cope well with the vwo and have above-average grades. We also attach great importance to your motivation, especially why the subject of the PRE-Class appeals to you so much.


Most PRE-Classes take place during school hours, so you will have to miss some classes. It is therefore important that your school supports your application for the PRE-Class. Also take into account the travel time to and from Leiden: depending on where you live, you may spend longer in the train than in the lecture halls.

Once you have been admitted, the PRE-Class coordinator expects you to be able to attend every lecture. Should you miss a PRE-Class due to illness or other circumstances, you should report this in advance by emailing preclasses@ha.leidenuniv.nl.

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