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Nature and human interactions

It is well-known that humans have significantly transformed ecosystems since their adoption of agriculture. However, in a deeper past, prehistoric hunter-gatherers may already have altered and modified their niche in ways that had major impacts on ecosystems.

Humans as a successful species

Humans have evolved from ape-like ancestors who lived in small groups in Africa millions of years ago to an extremely successful species that has colonised nearly every corner of every continent over the last two million years. This success is due in part to their unique diet, and how that has changed over the course of their evolutionary history.

Look for ways to make our life diet sustainable

Our current eating habits create health issues as well as environmental problems. These call for dramatic changes in lifestyle and the way we produce food at all scales, from local soil quality to global consumer behaviour.

Research into the evolutionary backgrounds of our diets can help us make the best choices for achieving such changes and teach us how to live sustainably with nature.

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