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Anticipating a changing world

The world we live in is changing in many aspects at an ever-increasing speed. And it will continue to do so. How do we anticipate these changes, such as the increase in atmospheric CO2, the extinction of species and industrialisation?

Striving for a just future

To keep our planet liveable, we must be able to anticipate these changes and work together to counteract their undesirable effects. We have to consider multiple values at the same time.

For instance: a win situation for climate is not necessarily a win situation for economy and the other way around; an increase in a country‚Äôs development and welfare may be incompatible with biodiversity restoration or conservation. 

Different values are unavoidably traded-off, potentially creating conflict and inequality. The challenge is to make these trade-offs in such a way that the interventions are both effective and just.

Balancing the interests of different actors

Governments, industry, civil society, and local communities must jointly contribute to the transition to a sustainable future, each in its own role. We will unravel their views, expectations and solutions and investigate how they can be supported to foster sustainable change. 

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