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Sustainability courses and programmes

Leiden University offers its students a wide range of bachelor's, master's and minors that explore sustainability or climate. Here, you find an overview of those programmes in the academic year 2020-2021.

The inventory below was created by searching the study guides of the 2020-2021 academic year programmes for the English terms 'sustainable/sustainability', 'environment/environmental', 'climate', and the Dutch terms 'milieu', 'klimaat', ‘duurzaam/duurzame/duurzaamheid’. In brackets after the programme stands the faculty within which the programme is offered. 

Bachelor's degrees

Master's degrees


Other courses

Courses related to sustainability but not part of the above minors, bachelors and masters.


  • Bachelor, Law: Corporate social responsibility  
  • Master Public International Law, Peace Justice & Development: International economic law and sustainable development 
  • Master Staats- en Bestuursrecht: Environmental Law (Dutch)

Social and Behavioural Sciences 

  • Bachelor Political Science: Climate Justice 
  • Master Psychology: Environmental psychology 

Faculty of Governance and Global Affairs 

  • Bachelor Liberal Arts and Sciences, major World Politics: The International Politics of Climate Change 
  • Bachelor Liberal Arts and Sciences, major Global Public Health: Environmental Pollution 
  • Bachelor Liberal Arts and Sciences, major Governance, Economics & Development: Political Economy of Natural Resources 
  • Bachelor Liberal Arts and Sciences, major International Justice: International Environmental Law 
  • Bachelor Liberal Arts and Sciences, general course: Global Challenges, Sustainability 
  • Master Crisis & Security Management: Global Environmental Politics and Ethics 
  • Master International Relations and Diplomacy: Advocacy in Global Challenges and Climate Change 


  • Bachelor Philosophy: Environmental Philosophy  
  • Bachelor Film and Literary Studies: Planetary Issues, From New Nationalism to Environmental Crises 
  • Master International Relations, Global Political Economy: The Environment and Global Capitalism 
  • Master Middle Eastern Studies: Oil, Water and Waste: Environmental Issues in the Middle East and North Africa 
  • Master International Relations, European Studies: EU Environmental Policy and Law 
  • Humanities Lab: Plastics: A cultural history 


  • Bachelor Archeology: Environmental History of the Near East 
  • Master Archeology: Human Planet 


  • Bachelor Molecular Science and Technology: Energy, Recycling and Safety 
  • Bachelor Biology: Veldonderzoek Milieubiologie 
  • Master Chemistry: Photosynthesis and Bioenergy  
  • Minor advanced Life Science and Technology: Bio-based Materials in a circular economy 


  • Master Honours Class: Circular Economy: from Challenge to Opportunity 
  • Honours vak in traject FSW: Sustainability and Health 
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