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On this page, we will keep you posted about the developments related to the Kernvisie Bachelor’s Programmes towards future-proof education.

Last year, a kernvisie on education at bachelor’s level was written as a follow-up to the mid-term evaluation of one of our legal programmes. At the request of the Faculty Board, an advisory group led by Jan Adriaanse developed an outline of the core visions with the intention of making our education more future-proof, inclusive, and challenging.

Kernvisie summary
We would like to work towards creating education at bachelor’s level that has a strong identity and enables students to obtain knowledge and skills by using high quality and stimulating teaching methods. The kernvisie has been transcribed into a cohesive set of measures as a staring point for the implementation. Among other things, we would like to facilitate a change in culture in which lack of commitment is discouraged and an active study behaviour is promoted. This should result in a combination of challenging and stimulating education and an exam policy that purposefully directs the study behaviour of our students. 

You can read a summary of the kernvisie here.

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