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Steering Group

Strategic direction of the GTGC initiative lies with a Steering Group, composed of seven members from four Leiden University faculties. Chaired by Leiden's Professor of Global Transformations and Governance Challenges, the Steering Group addresses questions such as overall vision, staffing, communications, budget, outputs and impact.

  • Valentina Carraro Assistant Professor in Global Transformations and Governance Challenges

    Valentina Carraro is an Assistant Professor at the Institute of Security and Global Affairs (ISGA) and the Institute of Political Science, and Deputy Coordinator of GTGC. Her research interests include the governance of human rights- and violence-related challenges, global and regional human rights governance, state compliance with international law, and the use of expertise in public bodies. 

  • Eric De Brabandere Director Grotius Centre / Professor of International Dispute Settlement Law

    Eric De Brabandere is Professor of International Dispute Settlement Law and Director of the Grotius Centre for International Legal Studies. He is also Attorney-at-Law at the Brussels Bar (with the firm DMDB Law) practicing in international law and investment arbitration. His research interests included the rules and practices of international investment law and arbitration, and international dispute settlement, and the impact of these on the relations between states, and between states and non-state entities.

  • Antoaneta Dimitrova Professor Comparative Governance

    Antoaneta L. Dimitrova is Professor of Comparative Governance in a multi-level context. She has participated in and jointly coordinated the EU-funded research projects EU-STRAT and MAXCAP, investigating various aspects of the European Union’s external governance. Her research interests include democratic and authoritarian diffusion, the role of external actors and international reform agendas in domestic reform, politicization of international authority, effects of multi-level policy regimes on domestic politics and citizen discourses.

  • Isabelle Duijvesteijn Professor of International Studies and Global History

    Isabelle Duyvesteyn was among the initiators of Leiden University's profile area in Global Transformations and Governance Challenges, recognising the need for closer interdisciplinary, cross-faculty and international collaboration on the major challenges facing humankind. She has worked on other interdisciplinary teams both in the Netherlands and abroad. Her research focuses on questions of peace and security, in particular the legitimacy of non-state actors and escalation of non-state conflict, from both a historical and a political science perspective. She is officially affiliated with the Humanities Faculty and works at the Institute of History.

  • Sanneke Kuipers Scientific Director / Professor Crisis Governance

    Sanneke Kuipers is a member of the GTGC Steering Group as the Scientific Director of the Institute of Security and Global Affairs (ISGA) and Professor in Crisis Governance. She works on topics of crisis and disaster management, institutionalization, organizational survival and path dependency, accountability and blaming after crisis in international scholarly journals and books. She is the editor-in-chief of Risk, Hazards and Crisis in Public Policy (Wiley), and associate editor of the Oxford Research Encyclopedia of Crisis Analysis (with Eric Stern et al). 

  • Tom Louwerse Director of Research / Associate Professor

    Tom Louwerse is a member of the GTGC Steering Group as the Research Director of the Institute of Political Science. His main areas of interest include political representation, parliaments, political parties, elections and polls in the Netherlands and in other established democracies. He teaches in the field of research methods, Dutch and comparative politics.

  • Jan Aart Scholte Professor Global Transformations and Governance Challenges

    Jan Aart Scholte chairs the GTGC Steering Group as Leiden University's Professor of Global Transformations and Governance Challenges. He has previously convened other interdisciplinary global studies research initiatives based in Britain, Germany and Sweden. His main current research interests include polycentric governing of global problems, legitimacy in global governance, global democracy, complex hegemony, and Internet governance.

  • Daniel Thomas Professor of International Relations

    Daniel C. Thomas is Professor of International Relations in Leiden University’s Institute of Political Science. His research focuses on issues of human rights and regional integration. Before coming to Leiden, he held university appointments in the US and Ireland and served as advisor on human rights and international criminal justice at the European Commission.

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