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Explore 'different' food procurement initiatives in the Netherlands during the Voedsel Karavaan

Throughout the year, the organisation 'Voedsel Anders' organizes an events series that showcase various local food initiatives in Dutch cities.

The Food Caravan

De Voedsel Karavaan (the Food Caravan) will travel through seven different cities to explore how people procure food differently. Local organisations will be represented, showcasing how their initiative contributes to a sustainable future and engaging in a conversation about the future of food in cities. 

Den Haag will be the first city that is visited by De Voedsel Karavaan. During the weekend of the 26th and 27th of May, you can participate in permaculture workshops, visit local food initiatives, and go on excursion to neighboring farms. 

De Voedsel Karavaan will travel between different Dutch cities until the end of October. You can find the full overview of location and dates on the website of Voedsel Anders. (in Dutch)

De Voedsel Karavaan is organised by the Dutch and Belgium organisation Voedsel Anders (Food Otherwise), a network of farmers, fisher folk, scientists, beekeepers, students, artists, academics, policy makers, journalists and other active citizens in the Netherlands and Belgium engaged in building healthy food systems. For more information about Voedsel Anders, see their English Website.


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