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What is Citizen Science?

In citizen science projects, citizens and scientists work together to develop new scientific knowledge.

A wide range of participatory practices that can be summarized under the umbrella term "Citizen Science" have made great strides over the past decade. More and more citizens are becoming involved in monitoring, observing and co-investigating social issues. These include researching the effects of climate change on the environment and public health, and the effects of humans on our environment and nature.

Such initiatives have yielded important results. From fundamental scientific discoveries to data that support informed policy. The long-term effects of Citizen Science research can include community co-ownership of pressing issues, increased scientific knowledge, and the empowerment of individual and collective action to address these issues.

When does science become citizen science?

There are many different forms of Citizen Science, from experiments that require very little effort to projects that are enormously intensive. So what is a good way to set up such a project? The 10 Principles of Good Citizen Science offer guidance. Read them here.

Download the 10 principles
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