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Support with Active Learning & Teaching (SWAT)

You can get various forms of support for you active learning ambitions. Have you already reflected on your teaching practice and have a clear idea of your goals? Your first point of contact should then be your ICTO Coordinator & ICLON. Do you want to join the network of others involved in the topic? Then join the active learning network.

Support with Active Learning & Teaching

Getting support with active learning & teaching can mean many things. It can start by having a sparring partner or a peer to talk with; it can grow by having a professional education advisor look over your plans, and sit in on a session; or, it can be a multi-year plan for revision, improvement, and experimentation. 


1. Your ICTO Coordinator

The ICTO Program (ICT & Onderwijs) has dedicated officers in each faculty who can offer you practical advise on teaching with technology. These colleagues are well informed about a wide variety of technologies, both hardware and software, and how they can be integrated into your teaching. You can find your ICTO coordinator by faculty on this page. 

2. An ICLON Specialist

ICLON specialists can run tailored workshops around active learning. Contact Daan Romein & Maarten van de Ven for further information. 

3. Peers & Meetings

If you have questions regarding active learning and would like to hear what else is happening in the Universtiy, you are invited to join the Active Learning Network. Read more, or sign up. 


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