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Active Learning Network

The active learning network joins together everyone interested in the subject to move the theme further within Leiden University. The SALTSWAT pilot program researches the ways forward for Leiden University.


Active Learning Network

The theme "active learning" is quickly gaining momentum in Leiden University. Designing spaces for active teaching and learning can have a large impact on learning outcomes, but comes with many practical challenges. Over the years, all faculties have gained experience in designing and supporting these spaces. Though we are still climbing the learning curve, many lessons have already been learned. This network attempts to bring together this expertise and push the agenda of the theme further. 

How do we share expertise? What do we need to take our ambitions further? What are the factors connected to the design and support of learning spaces, and how can we deal with them?

To answer these questions and build on existing momentum, we are hosting an initation meeting for a network of people interested in the topic. The network is for academic and non-academic staff, and students are also very welcome in the network. 

Join the network.

You can sign-up here. 

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