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Yellow Lab

A 24 person classroom on the floor 0 of the Pieter de la Court building. Designed for groupwork, rolling, flexible tables and chairs are arranged around shared monitors. Each group has a small whiteboard. The frontal projection point has a short-throw projector with motion tracking and live annotation. Bookable through ZRS

Room Features

  • 5 tv monitors (HDMI connectivity) connected to 5x5mm headphone jacks 
  • Short-throw projector with interactive pens, and gesture capturing
  • 5 whiteboards (arranged near monitors)
  • Tables and chairs on wheels (movable by 1 person) 

The room has amplifiers at each television screen so students can connect their own or borrowed headphones and adjust the volume independently. The reason this room is equipped with extra audio equipment is to enable collaborative work and feedback sessions on audiovisual material/assignments (for example during Visual Methods or Visual Ethnography course sessions).

Headphones can be borrowed by teachers before the lesson starts at the Servicedesk

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