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Prof. B.M. Telders

The aim of the competition is to prolong the legacy of Professor Benjamin Marius Telders, who became a professor of international law at Leiden University in 1937.

Telders was intensely interested in why and how law operated. Being in many respects still undefined and interwoven with history and politics, international law was an excellent challenge. Professor Telders was respected for his sharp mind and had the honour to represent his country frequently, including before the Permanent Court of International Justice. Even during the Second World War, Telders stood up for his belief in the rule of law and civil society, and as a result was sent to the concentration camp at Bergen Belsen, where he later died in 1945.

The concept upon which the competition is rooted is a tribute to Professor Telders' legacy. Through the competition, law students learn about the practical side of courtroom law and gain experience grounded in the principles of the rule of law, civil society and fair play. On another level, the competition also stimulates teamwork and European integration. Participants are students from all over Europe who, in some countries, have won the National Pre-Selection Round.

Prof. Benjamin Telders

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