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Hauke Ward

‘I am teaching different courses with a focus on aspects of sustainability, climate change and the energy transition. In these courses mostly the economic, technical, and social aspects are discussed.'

Hauke Ward

Shaping the student

'It is extremely rewarding to give these courses since you have tremendous responsibility for multiple dimensions. If you succeed, you can plant a life-long inner drive for learning as a student. He or she will have the knowledge and strategies on how to learn new things. Implicitly you can contribute to settling a critical, creative, and assessing attitude influencing future decisions. 

Making lectures interesting

There are two important aspects of being a good teacher. First: prepare yourself to serve multiple roles – just like an actor or actress. Whenever getting new scientific input, also distil the interesting items for your lectures or the general audience that you would not think of naturally. Try to anticipate the alternative perspectives.

You can plant a life-long inner drive for learning as a student

Second: ensure that your lectures are vivid. Explore specific activation points of students (in interdisciplinary environments). Have recent events or anecdotes linked to your content.’

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