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Onno van Gaans

'I teach the courses Analyse 1, Functional Analysis and I give a seminar about functional analysis. At these courses the students vary from first year at Analysis 1 students to PhD students at the functional analysis seminar.'

Different methods of teaching

'The variety in students requires me to use different teaching methods. For Analyse 1 I build the Mathematical foundation of the young students, while when I’m teaching about functional analysis we discuss very specific complex concepts.

Not only the subjects that are discussed are completely different, also the examination differs. While Analyse 1 is finalised with a grade, the seminar is only graded with a pass or fail. This shifts the goal of the course from learning to make an exam to really understanding the subject.


I really enjoy teaching a variety of classes to a variety of students. Shaping new mathematicians is very fulfilling, but so is teaching complex material to master and PhD students. New students increase their mathematical knowledge really fast, while master and PhD students can really dive into one particular mathematical problem.

As a teacher you should have flexibility in teaching to every type of student. You should be able to tune your explanation in such a way that it connects to the prior knowledge of the student. This helps them understand the subject and see the big picture in their studies.'

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