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Teacher of the Year Award

Which teacher did an outstanding job in not only transferring knowledge in novel ways but also in getting students enthusiastic and connecting a course to current research themes? Meet the nominees for the Teacher of the Year Award!

Portrait of Martina Vijver

Martina Vijver

Institute for Environmental Sciences

'Students had to invent and build there own measuring equipment: a heart rate monitor for water fleas simply doesn’t exist.'

Read the full interview with Martina Vijver. 


Portrait of Michiel Brentjens

Michiel Brentjens

Leiden Observatory

'Building a radio telescope out of cans with students; I don't think any other team on the whole planet has ever done that.'

Read the full interview with Michiel Brentjens. 
Portrait of Ranran Wang

Ranran Wang

Institute for Environmental Sciences

‘I now always start my lectures with the Why: Why are we studying this method or equation?'

Read the full interview with Ranran Wang. 


Other nominees

Daan van der Es

Leiden Academic Centre for Drug Research

'DaanVan der Es teaches his lectures with a lot of enthusiasm and humour. Students are actively involved in his lectures, and the topics covered match well with students' interests and links to the research field.'


Jan van Ruitenbeek

Leiden Institute of Physics

'Jan van Ruitenbeek provides 'quiz questions' in his classes. He gives very clear explanations and demonstrates various phenomena with experiments during lectures.'


Merlijn van Weerd

Institute of Environmental Sciences

'MerlijnVan Weerd teaches inspiringly by including his own experience in the field in his lectures. He shows a lot of personal attention to problems raised by students and enjoys guiding students one-on-one.'


Sander van Kasteren

Leiden Institute of Chemistry

'Sander Van Kasteren always appoints the latest developments in the field. In addition, he is often a speaker at events of the study association. He is energetic, down to earth and very approachable.'


Mark Roelands

Mathematical Institute

'Dr Roelands teaches a well-crafted and clear course. His method of weekly assessment makes the course easy to keep up with.'

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