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C.J. Kok Public Award

Which scientist did the most remarkable discovery, had a truly genius breakthrough, or contributed tremendously to his or her field in the last year? Every January, we choose a 'Discoverer of the Year' from amongst our mids.

The yearly C.J. Kok Public Award was started in 2004 at the Faculty of Science, besides the already existing C.J. Kok Jury Award for best thesis. For the public award, each of the eight institutes nominates one researcher that has made a remarkable discovery that year, hence the popular name 'Discoverer of the Year' for the winner of the prize.

The prize is awarded after a public vote. Internal votes, i.e. votes from colleagues from the own institute, are weighted to correct for institute size. However, in recent years, the winners also received a substantial number of votes from outside their institute. The C.J. Kok Public Award consists of 2,500 euros.

Pictures of nominees by Pim Rusch
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