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Vision and Mission statement International Network Open Science & Scholarship Communities

Read more about the International Network Open Science & Scholarship Communities in our Vision and Mission statements.


Vision and Mission 
Open Science improves the quality, accessibility, and efficiency of science, but is not yet the norm in research. While pioneering scholars are developing and embracing Open Science practices, the majority sticks to the status quo. To move from pioneers to common practice, we need to engage a critical proportion of the research community.

This is where Open Science Communities come into play. 

Open Science Communities provide a place where newcomers and experienced peers interact, inspire each other to embed Open Science practices and values in their workflows, and provide feedback on policies, infrastructure, and support services. Together, we make Open Science the norm! 

The above mission can be broken down into practical aims:

- Invite newcomers to Open Science
- Increase engagement in Open Science practices 
- Serve as a breeding ground for Open Science initiatives 
- Interact with policy, infrastructure and support services
- Foster interactions between academia and society

Guiding Principles

- Open Science/Scholarship Communities (OSCs) are bottom-up platforms by and for researchers to exchange knowledge and knowhow on open science practices
- OSCs are inclusive 
Researchers are the target audience of OSCs, but students, researcher supporters, and others that are interested in (conducting) research are also welcome to join the community
- No prior knowledge is required to be part of the community, nor are members in any way required to commit to certain open science/scholarship practices
- OSCs organize, promote, and facilitate open science/scholarship events to (1) learn about and discuss open science/scholarship practices, (2) share open science/scholarship knowledge, and (3) build professional networks.

  • Events are open to both members and non-members, and are free-of-charge, if possible.
  • Attendees and organizers of events organized by OSCs should adhere to the Code of Conduct 

- OSCs promote critical discussions of pro’s and con’s of open science/scholarship practices. We refrain from being normative or condescending, and do not tell others what to do. Respect for each others’ workflows and decisions in this regard is critical.

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