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OSCoffee: a hands-on introduction to preregistration

Thursday 29 September 2022
An OSCoffee open to all!

OSCoffee: A hands-on introduction to preregistration

A hands-on introduction to preregistration

Antonio Schettino is the founder of the Open Science Community Rotterdam, and together with Dr. Caspar van Lissa (OSCU and OSCT) has set-up a workshop about preregistration wherein many resources about this topic are gathered. The ultimate grounds for this OSCoffee within our fall theme of preregistration and registered reports.

Preregistration is the practice of publishing the plan for a study before the data have been collected or examined. This plan may include research questions and hypotheses, research design, and data analysis protocol. A preregistration document is time-stamped and uploaded on an independent platform so that it can be shared publicly, either immediately (before starting the study) or after an embargo period (when the study is over).

In this hands-on workshop, Dr. Schettino will introduce the practice of preregistration and show how to preregister a study on the Open Science Framework (OSF). Attendees will learn how to:
- choose a template appropriate for their research
- add metadata
- include precise, specific, and exhaustive information in the protocol
- upload supplementary files
- make the preregistration public (immediately or embargoed)

Attendees will be encouraged to share their own experiences, insights, questions, and challenges.

Materials and preparation
- laptop/desktop computer
- internet connection
- an active OSF account

About the instructor
Dr. Antonio Schettino has a background in experimental psychology and cognitive and affective electrophysiology. He has experience in transparent and open science practices at every stage of the research cycle: preregistration of the initial idea; public sharing of data, materials, and analysis protocols; preprints; and publication in peer-reviewed open access journals.

As Senior Advisor Open Science at Erasmus Research Services, his tasks include: developing educational and training materials for students, researchers, and support staff; advising researchers, research teams, and grant officers on how to best highlight commitment to open science in grant applications; advising management and policy makers on current and future (inter)national trends related to evaluation procedures at the individual and institutional level.

To join this meeting you can do two things:

1. For Leiden affiliated: Join the OSCL Teams, and navigate to the 'Open Science Coffee Leiden' channel; there you can join the live meeting. You can then also check-out the rest of the OSCL channels and interesting discussions of members. If you also become a member of OSCL, you can opt in to receive our newsletter and other interesting updates, and you will get a member profile, so other members can find you and see your interests in Open Science
2. Directly join the meeting on September 29th from 14:30 by clicking this link

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