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OSCL meets LIBC Sylvius Lecture: The Registered Reports (r)evolution by Prof. Chris Chambers

Thursday 15 September 2022
A great speaker to open the year!
SB45 (FSW) and zoom
SB45 (Pieter de la Court building)


The Registered Reports (r)evolution

This talk is about the RR (Registered Report) initiative and how it can be deployed effectively in studies of brain and cognition, and with a particular focus on the new Peer Community in Registered Reports, which is a particularly powerful vehicle for RRs in this domain.

OSCL starts the year with this co-organized talk by Chris Chambers, the driving force behind Registered Reports and writer of 'Seven Deadly Sins of Psychology: A Manifesto for Reforming the Culture of Scientific Practice'. This lecture will jump start our fall theme for the upcoming OSCoffees: preregistration and registered reports. 


To join this meeting you can do three (!) things:
1. Come to the Pieter de la Court Building, Wassenaarseweg 52, room SB45

2. Email the LIBC for the zoom link: see https://www.universiteitleiden.nl/en/events/2022/09/libc-sylvius-lecture-by-prof.dr.-chris-chambes

3. For Leiden affiliated: Join the OSCL Teams, and we will post the zoom information there (yes, its a bit combersome).

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