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Open Science Coffee: Mentoring for Open and Robust Science

Thursday 14 October 2021
An open OSCoffee for anyone to join!


Mentoring for Open and Robust Science

Abstract: One of our primary roles as mentors is to train the next generation of scientists on how to be both rigorous and ethical in their science. Across the last decade, it became clear that the research in psychology was often guided by the desire to publish research with less care about the robustness of the research. This has lead to the replication crisis or more positively the replication revolution that has exposed poor incentive structure for robust research and many statistical issues in how the science is approached. Given that many current mentors were trained in the "publish or perish" mentality, how can we change our mentoring style and research groups so that replicable, robust, and rigorous science is the focus. I will detail some of the things I have done in order to promote open science in my own practices and to mentor it with my own students and research group.


To join this meeting you can do two things:
1. For Leiden affiliated: Join the OSCL Teams, and navigate to the 'Open Science Coffee Leiden' channel; there you can join the live meeting. You can then also check-out the rest of the OSCL channels and interesting discussions of members. If you also become a member of OSCL, you can opt in to receive our newsletter and other interesting updates, and you will get a member profile, so other members can find you and see your interests in Open Science
2. Directly join the meeting on October 14th from 14:00 by clicking this link.

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