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Open Science Lunch - Faculty of Law

Tuesday 28 May 2024
An open lunch to discuss anything Open Science related. Bring questions, suggestions, topics, and an open mind!
Kamerlingh Onnes Gebouw/Building - Steenschuur 25, 2311 ES Leiden
Global Lounge

Lunch & Learn: Open Science Lunch in the Faculty of Law!


Hungry for Open Science? Register to secure your lunch and join us for an engaging discussion!

This informal gathering provides an excellent opportunity for exchanging insights, experiences, and questions in a relaxed setting. Some topics that can be discussed include open access publishing, data sharing, posting preprints, citizen science, open education… Whether you have experience with OS or not at all, we invite you to share your thoughts with colleagues on these and other OS-related topics.

We will have conversation starters and OS games to liven up the conversation. There is no need to actively contribute - you are equally welcome to join if you just want to hear more how your colleagues practice open research. Bring your open mind, and we'll take care of the rest!

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