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Course: Writing on the Margins. Graffiti in Italy (7th-16th century), KNIR, 5-15 April 2024

From 5 to 15 April 2024, a course on graffiti in Italy between the seventh and sixteenth centuries will take place at the Dutch Royal Institute in Rome (KNIR). Applicants are encouraged to apply before February 4, 2024.

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A recent development in the study of medieval written texts concerns graffiti: texts scratched into hard materials, e.g. in stone. They were made all over Europe but have survived very unequally. And yet they are much more interesting than their humdrum appearance might suggest. They were written by people from all walks of life,  also by those who did hardly ever leave a written record of their existence. A large research project has been started in Italy to study graffiti in Italy dating from the 7th to the sixteenth century. In April, this project is organising an international conference as well as a course for Research MA students and PhD students.

10 selected RMa/PhD students studying at Dutch universities can apply for a scholarship covering the stay in Rome at KNIR.

In the course we will familiarize ourselves with a particular type of written texts commonly referred to as ‘graffiti’, focusing on those writings dating to the medieval and early modern periods (7th-16th c.). We will introduce the notion of graffiti and will analyse them in both their textual and material aspects, using some of the many graffiti that can be found in the city of Rome as a case-study to explore the relationship of both the content and material form of graffiti with the historical, cultural, and monumental context to which they belong.

There will be five classes, excursions, and students will be required to attend the international conference.

For practical information, see the website of the KNIR, where you will also find an application form. Further information can be obtained from the course coordinator, Marco Mostert (m.mostert@uu.nl).

The deadline for applying is 4 February 2024

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