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Workshop "The Cognitive Turn in History" (Groningen)

On 4 and 5 November 2021 an ICOG-workshop will be held on the cognitive turn in history. It is possible to attend this workshop online. The participants of the workshop are cultural and intellectual historians of the pre-modern periods and/or of the historiography of academia from a long-term perspective, e.g. the influence of 19th and early 20th century on disciplinary thinking. The main idea is to evaluate or apply the cognitive methodologies and to understand how they developed in the history of education and research, in order to explore psychic and mental processes, phenomenological experience, and emotional states of individuals from the pre-modern past, as well as the way we as moderns relate to these historical interpretations. Contact details: Prof. Catrien Santing (c.g.santing@rug.nl) and Dr. Babette Hellemans (b.s.hellemans@rug.nl).

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