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Medieval Book Scripts (5 ECTS)

This course explores the range of scripts used for copying medieval books (focusing in particular on the Latin and Dutch traditions, but also incorporating other vernacular examples). In addition to advancing student skills in reading and transcribing such scripts, it will also contextualise the development, presentation, and uses of various book scripts within medieval written culture. Through detailed engagement with manuscript exemplars (in reading rooms, on screen), students will learn up-to-date (traditional and digital) methodologies and best practices for studying and describing book scripts, while also critically exploring current research perspectives on scribal practice and script proliferation.

Irene O'Daly  (Universitair docent)

More information

  • Aimed at: Research MA-students and PhD students.
  • Period: February/March 2025
  • Place: Leiden
  • Coordinator: Dr. I. O’Daly (UL)
  • Course load: 5 ECTS
  • Maximum number of participants: 12
  • Basic knowledge of Latin is recommended.

To register, please send an email to: ozsmed@hum.leidenuniv.nl

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