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Introduction to International Medieval Studies (5 ECTS)

The course wants to offer an introductory survey of what is going on in the field of international medieval studies. It tries to answer such general questions as: what disciplines contribute to medieval studies; how can we get informed on the field; which are the leading international centers of education and research; what are fashionable themes and topics in medieval studies; what is new in theory and methods of research; and what have Dutch universities to offer in all these projects?


Dr R. Stein (Leiden). 

Course schedule

Period: February-March 2022; six course days in total: starting with 2 sessions (of 3 hours each) in Leiden, followed by 4 sessions dealing with several medieval studies departments of other Dutch universities as well as Huygens ING.


by e-mail. Email: ozsmed@hum.leidenuniv.nl.

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