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Summer School: Historical Performance Studies

maandag 27 maart 2023 - vrijdag 31 maart 2023
Van Swinderen Huys



Session I: Walk through Groningen - Guide: Renée Vulto (Utrecht University)

Session II: Rituals and Performativity - Lecturers: Marian Füssel (University of Göttingen) & Rina Knoeff (University of Groningen)

Session III: Embodiment, Performativity & Self-fashioning - Lecturers: Sidia Fiorato (University of Verona) & Catrien Santing (University of Groningen)

Session IV: Digital Humanities and Historical Performance Studies - Lecturer: Erika Kuijpers (Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam)

Session V: Workshop Digital Humanities - Lecturers: Dinah Wouters (Huygens Institute) & Andrea Peverelli (Huygens Institute)

Session VI: Workshop Historical Acting Techniques - Teacher: Laila Neuman (Leiden University)

Session VII: Imagineering - Lecturers: Frans-Willem Korsten (Leiden University) & Kornee van der Haven (Ghent University)


PhD students and ReMa students are invited to register for this course before Friday 13th January 2023 through the following link: Registration form. Please note that there is a limited number of places available for this course. After your registration you will soon receive more information about whether your registration can be confirmed or not. Some of the participating graduate/doctoral schools and research groups will cover tuition and lodging for their participating members (please wait for more information after your registration).

Summer School: Historical Performance Studies (5 ECTS)

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