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Citizen Science Alert: Classify Caribbean Ceramics

Archaeologists need your help to understand incredible finds from the Caribbean. Help us classify shapes of ceramics used by Amerindians before the arrival of Columbus.

In the last centuries, we have found thousands of ceramics created for daily use by the indigenous people of the Caribbean. These ceramics have largely been classified using one archaeologist's method. With your help, we can test this classification method and find out how different people interpret the differences and similarities in Caribbean pots.

Participate now

In this little game, we will show you three different 3D-models of ancient Caribbean pots. They differ in their overall shape, the shape of their rim and their color. You are asked to choose the pot you think is the most different of the triple.

There is no right or wrong answer, we are just asking for your personal perception.

Join our project here until the end of October: http://potsurvey.eu.meteorapp.com/

Let us know if you have any questions or issues with the test: jan.athenstaedt@uni-konstanz.de

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