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Second "Hello World!" lecture by Teun Verkerk

The “Hello World!” series focuses on new encounters and new inspiration, inviting seven speakers with hugely varying backgrounds to give us their perspectives on what they see as currently important. The second speaker is Teun Verkerk, who brings together artists and scientists in innovative projects, stimulating future technologies, and reflecting upon scientific invention and its challenges for society at large.

Friday April 22, 16:00 - 17:30h
Room "Spectrum" in Studentcentre Plexus, Kaiserstraat 25, Leiden

We proudly announce that Teun Verkerk is the second speaker in our new Media Technology MSc lecture series on Friday April 22. 

Teun Verkerk

Teun Verkerk focuses on the intersection of art, design and technology with a special interest in new applications of digital technologies in public spaces. He is the founder and artistic director of Highlight DelftFestival that uses the city of Delft as canvas for presenting installations on the nexus of art and technology. Furthermore, he is programme manager of Crossing Parallels, the artist in residency programme of Delft University of Technology that brings together artists and scientists to collaborate on innovative projects, stimulate future technologies, and reflect upon scientific inventions and its challenges for society at large. 

In his own work Teun Verkerk uses a research-by-design approach focusing on the creation of physical objects and environments mediated by digital, interactive and electronic technologies. Based in both interaction design and architecture, his work crosses the gap between the physical and virtual.

In his “Hello world!” lecture Teun Verkerk will use examples of the Highlight Delft Festival and Crossing Parallels as case studies to show the value of experiment in art & technology and how artists can contribute to solving wicked projects. Currently he is contributing to several projects that are exploring carbon-neutral or sustainable art & design. 

The “Hello World!” lecture series organized by the Media Technology master's programme and focusses on new encounters and new inspiration. In total seven speakers with a huge variety in backgrounds are invited and asked to give us their perspectives on what they see as currently important. The title "Hello World!" summarizes both the intention of the lecture series and is also the very first sentence a beginning computer programmer learns to print on the screen.

The lectures are announced strictly internal to the Media Technology MSc programme and LIACS and may not be (publicly) advertised otherwise. However, anybody who’s heard by word of mouth is welcome to attend.

Photo at top of page: part of the "buqs" project by Teun Verkerk and Joris Hoogeboom.

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