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Curved Sounds: student Mikkel Olthof shows work at Highlight Delft 2024

Media Technology MSc student Michael "Mikkel" Olthof shows his work "Curved Sounds" at the Highlight Delft 2024 Festival. The project was made for the course "Sound, Space & Interaction".

Curved Sounds is an immersive experience that sonifies Lissajous curves. It can be compared to an 8D sound system, where you not only hear the sound but also feel it moving around you. These curves are generated by the motion of a point influenced by two harmonic vibrations, one horizontal and one vertical, with the frequency relationship between these vibrations determining the resulting pattern.

The work was initially developed as a research project for the Sound, Space & Interaction course. It was accepted by Highlight Delft Festival on the condition that it would be further developed to include accompanying visual effects and interactive components. The result of these enhancements will be showcased at the festival.

Highlight Delft Festival, February 15-17

Highlight Delft Festival presents innovative ideas of the future, created by artists, designers, researchers and companies, on display at unique locations. Discover an exceptional glance of the future created by innovative makers selected by Highlight Delft. Enjoy walking routes and tours. Check out experimental installations showing the inspiring fusion of art and technology.

Screenshot of "Curved Sounds", courtesy of Michael "Mikkel" Olthof
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