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The Young Academy Leiden has a board, which consists of a chair and a vice-chair.


Annemarie Samuels and Sarah Giest act as chair and vice-chair, respectively.

YAL contributes to the development of academic leadership. A position on the board of YAL provides an opportunity to learn and gain experience with leadership in an academic setting. The positions of chair and vice-chair rotate among the YAL members. They retire in alternating years to foster institutional continuity. Tom Louwerse and Helen Pluut are the former chairs of YAL.


YAL is supported by Cathelijn Waaijer (project manager) and Amber Rostamkhan (student assistant).
Cathelijn works as a policy advisor (Institutional Research and HRM) at the Administration Directorate of the university's Administration and Central Services department. She forms a link between YAL and this department, manages YAL’s budget and supports YAL in various other tasks.
Rostamkhan is a third-year student in public adminsitration. Amber supports YAL by maintaing the website, helps to organise (online) events and carries out other communicaton tasks for YAL.
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