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Rent our Lab

Psychology Lab on Wheels is a fully equipped laboratory with advanced psychological measurement equipment. Our mobile lab can be rented for various activities. Doing research on location? Hire it for a company outing? Make your own plan? Contact us for all possibilities.

Leiden PhD students in the Psychology Lab on Wheels tent

Company event

We are happy to visit you with our Psychology Lab on Wheels for an inside look at science. We combine this, for example, with a lecture or workshop during a company outing. 


With the mobile lab, you collect data for research in the middle of society. Telling science stories? Psychology Lab on Wheels can be rented by researchers inside and outside Leiden University.

Want to rent the Psychology Lab on Wheels?

Do you want to know more about the possibilities?

Contact us!

To ensure your study gets off to a the best possible start, we advise scheduling a few weeks to prepare beforehand. First check you meet the requirements.

The Psychology Lab on Wheels is a fully electric van equipped with essential research tools, including a Wi-Fi set that works as a hotspot for researchers.

The light intensity and temperature can be manually adjusted. Inside, you’ll find a receiver connected to speakers and a television for displaying audio and video content to participants.

The monitor is attached to a flexible arm that can easily be moved in any direction. To facilitate comfortable interactions, we have created a seating area with a table where researchers can sit down with participants or where two participants sit together.

The van has dedicated compartments equipped with a range of sockets, ensuring securing connections for valuable measuring instruments (e.g. BIOPACS).

The Psychology Lab on Wheels is also a versatile lab space: if you have specific needs, you are welcome to bring your own equipment. The van’s storage compartments are specifically designed to provide security and protection for valuable measuring instruments.

The following requirements apply to using the Psychology Lab on Wheels:

  • You must possess a category B Dutch driving licence (car) for at least five years ;
  • You must possess the fire safety and first aid BHV ;
  • You must have the appropriate insurance for driving a car. This concerns you as a person (mainly liability). The van itself is insured. If you are taking expensive equipment from the campus, you may need to take out additional insurance for this. Check with the lab to find out more.
  • On the first day you use the van, a Psychology Lab on Wheels member will join you for a test drive. They will do a walk-through and check the mobile lab before and after use. They will also give you a brief tour beforehand and watch you drive the van for a short while.

Do's and don'ts

The Psychology Lab on Wheels is a high-tech lab on wheels and as such requires more caution and care than a regular rental car or van.

Be sure to read the additional policies and instructions provided to you when you pick up the van and also pay special attention to the following points:

Drive safely

Please make sure to drive responsibly, park in an organised and safe manner, and ensure the safety of both the mobile lab and its equipment at all times while using it. It is important to note that the van is not comparable to a small city car that can be left unlocked while you pop into the grocery store.

Be aware of the calamity protocols

It is crucial that all renters – especially the researcher in charge – carefully review the calamity protocols and flowcharts provided for the van. Familiarising yourself with these documents will ensure you are well-prepared and informed in the event of any unforeseen circumstances or emergencies.

Return the van fully charged

Make sure to return the van fully charged. This will ensure that it is ready for use on the following day thus maximising its availability.

Return the van clean

Make sure the van is clean inside and out when you return it. Take it to the car wash if it has been used for more than one day or has become visibly dirty.

Follow the hygiene protocols

Please make sure to follow our hygiene protocols provided in the van.

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