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Leiden Advocacy Project on Plastic

The Leiden Advocacy Project on Plastic (LAPP) is a pro bono initiative concerning legal questions on plastics.

Plastic pollution is an increasing problem and LAPP is founded to address and research the legal issues related to plastic pollution. The project is part of the Moot Court and Advocacy Department. Within LAPP, students work for non-governmental organisations in a client-lawyer relation. It gives students the opportunity to apply their knowledge of the law to real issues, such as plastic pollution.

Client based research

Our research is client based: starting point is a legal question of a client. We identify the rules and provide legal advice, though keeping our academic perspective and independency. Students are involved in research, writing memos and presenting advice to the client.

Past and present projects

Past projects involve research on microplastics for the Plastic Soup Foundation. For The Ocean Cleanup we looked at the legal status of activities on the high seas. Another project entailed the EU Single Use Plastic Directive and the consequences for the use of plastic ropes on fish nets. Present projects concern European law on plastic, following up the European Strategy on Plastics in a Circular Economy of the European Commission.

We regularly write about our research on the Leiden Law Blog.

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