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Below you will find an overview of the publications of The Leiden Advocacy Project on Plastic.

Anouk Campagne & Esther Kentin (2021), How fashion contributes to plastic pollutionLeiden Law Blog

Violaine Barthélemy, Lineke Schrijver & Agata Szczepańska (2021), The unresolved issue of dolly rope on Dutch beachesLeiden Law Blog

Thomas Meekel (2019), The myth of bioplasticsLeiden Law Blog

Boer, E. den, Floris, L., Kentin, E. (2019) From petition to regulation: a deposit return system for small plastic bottles. Leiden Law Blog

Kováč, L. (2018), Ambitious proposal for a single-use plastics directive becomes reality Leiden Law Blog

Kentin E. & Kaarto H. (2018), An EU Ban on Microplastics in Cosmetic Products and the Right to Regulate, Review of European, Comparative & International Environmental Law 27(3): 254.

Kentin E. (2018), Restricting microplastics in the European Union: Process and criteria under REACH, European Physical Journal Plus 133(10): 425.

Fresacher, A.C., Jost, C., Karlen, K., Meinen, L. & Kentin, E. (2018), Memo - The Ocean Cleanup project as Marine Scientific Research. Leiden Advocacy Project on Plastic.

Boer, E. den & Bois, N. du (2018), Memo over het WOB-verzoek betreffende microplastics in cosmetica. Leiden Advocacy Project on Plastic.

Kaarto, H. & Leisti, H. (2018), Memo on the Regulation of Nanoplastics: REACH and the Cosmetics Regulation. Leiden Advocacy Project on Plastic.

Kentin, E. (2018), Banning Microplastics in Cosmetic Products in Europe: Legal Challenges. In: Cocca, M., Di Pace, E., Errico, M.E., Gentile, G., Montarsolo, A., Mossotti, R. (Eds.) Proceedings of the International Conference on Microplastic Pollution in the Mediterranean Sea. Cham: Springer. 245-250.

Kentin, E. (2018), Recycling as panacea for plastic pollution: the EU Plastics Strategy. Leiden Law Blog.

Jansen, J., Veldhuis, F. & Schreuder, M. (2017), Towards a European ban on microbeads. Leiden Law Blog.

Hurley, C., Jansen, J., Kovac, L., Schreuder, M.  & Veldhuis, F. (2017), Memo on Banning Microbeads in the European Union. Leiden Advocacy Project on Plastic.

Hurley, C., Jansen, J., Schreuder, M., Simonin, I., Zeng, J. & Zhong, W. (2017), Memo on national legislation and initiatives banning microplastics. Leiden Advocacy Project on Plastic.

Lehmann, K. & Salemans, N. (2016), Coca-Cola and its plastic bottle. Leiden Law Blog

Kentin, E. (2016), Leiden Advocacy Project on Plastic: law students at The Ocean Cleanup. Leiden Law Blog.

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