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Leiden My Way

Leiden My Way is a long term co-curricular programme implemented at the Faculty of Social and Behavioural Sciences.

The FSW-Leiden My Way programme seamlessly integrates Learning My Way with student support and development systems in Leiden University, in particular the POPcorner FSW and Career Services. The Career Planning module for example, is a part of the LMW online portfolio system. All disciplines at FSW have decided to integrate LMW as a meta-curriculum in their Ba as well as their Ma programmes.

Student Support FSW

The POPcorner FSW and Career Service FSW, together with the Community Engagement Service, form Student Support FSW. Besides the support they receive from their own study programme, students can contact Student Support FSW with questions about studying, study skills, well-being, getting to know the faculty, personal development, study choice and career questions and preparing for the job market. There are various forms of support, including individual counselling and an extensive range of workshops and events.

In addition, various other online modules, trainings, workshops, self-help programmes and apps related to student wellbeing and personal development are offered within the university.

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