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What to expect as a participant?

Learning My Way is a highly interactive programme. It helps you gain insight in your own motives, qualities and most importantly: helps you anchor these in your daily professional and personal life.

The core of the Learning My Way programme is your own personal online portfolio that travels with you, instead of your study programme. LMW modules can be spread out in time, even across multiple study years: consider it the thread that runs through your studies in BA and/or Ma.

Basic structure of the programme is:

  • prepare an online reflection,
  • attend an interactive seminar,
  • and finish with a brief online integration and upload of your insights.

Each module is preceded by an invitation to do personal preparatory work in your portfolio. Online clips and literature may also be provided in that phase. Your own preparatory insights and reflections are direct personal input in the interactive seminar that follows. After that, you will upload the most important results of that seminar in your portfolio.

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