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What participants said

We ask feedback after every seminar to learn from your experience and improve our programmes. Here are some quotes from previous participants:

"I found the academic nature of the course particularly refreshing. Often these kinds of courses are of the 'find your own strength' type, which doesn't make me any wiser. Through the way of locating the problem and through the way of solving this problem, I have experienced a personal growth. I would recommend this course to anyone with doubts and insecurities!"
Law student, Leiden University

"The structure of the teaching was very good. The alternation between listening and being busy yourself worked very well. I found it difficult to fill in the purpose diagram at the beginning, but it got better once you got started. The discussions with fellow students were also very helpful."
Law student, Leiden University

 “This is really very valuable. There are few courses that I have been offered with so much room for your own understanding. Many other courses focus more on group work due to lack of capacity and do not have a comparable level of application and interaction. It is really very well put together with the different tools, feedback moments and alternation between individual time-ins, group sessions and plenary sessions.
Criminology student, Summer Course, Leiden University

I think the Dragon and Talent approach is great and really made me think about myself in a different way. By this I mean I often try to not think about my patterns and things that make me uncomfortable. Through these exercises, I was able to not only pinpoint my patterns but also how to address them and use them.
Second year Honours Ba student, Leiden University

I look back on a valuable day. […] your enthusiasm made it easy to keep your attention. Thank you!"
Professional in one-day seminar Utrecht School of Business & Organization - Utrecht University  

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