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The symposium is open to all registered participants and consists of two sessions and a Poster Session.

Programme 19 June

Session 1: From Bioinspired to Bioelectrocatalysis (chair: Lars Jeuken)

09:00 - 09:05 Opening words

09:05 - 09:45 Ryuhei Nakamura (RIKEN, Tokyo, Japan)
Prebiotic chemistry driven by geoelectricity

09:45 - 10:25 Christophe Léger (CNRS, Marseille, France)
Combining electrochemistry and protein engineering to elucidate outer-sphere effects in hydrogenase catalysis

10:25 - 10:40 Steffen Hardt (Leiden University, the Netherlands)
Bidirectional Catalysis for Protecting [FeFe] Hydrogenase from O2 in Redox Hydrogels under Conditions of Intermittent Hydrogen Evolution

10:40 - 11:10 Coffee/tea break

Session 2: Nanostructured electrodes for electrocatalysis (chair: Dennis Hetterscheid)

11:10 - 11:50 Samuel Cobb (Cambridge University, United Kingdom)
Using enzymes to understand and control the local environment of catalysis

11:50 - 12:05 Onno van der Heijden (Leiden University, the Netherlands)
Non-Kinetic Effects Convolute Tafel Analysis for the Alkaline OER on NiFeOOH Electrocatalysts

12:05 - 12:20 Pouya Hosseini (Ruhr Universität, Bochum, Germany)
Using Single Nanoparticle Electrochemistry to Better Understand the OER at Cobalt Oxide Nanocatalysts

12:20 - 13:00 Ross Milton (Université de Genève, Switzerland)
Towards stable electroenzymatic hydrogen production by [FeFe]-hydrogenase

13:00 - 14:15 Lunch & posters

Session 3: Artificial Photosynthesis and Photoelectrocatalysis (chair: Christophe Léger)

14:15 - 14:55 Antoni Llobet (ICIQ, Tarragona,  Spain)

14:55 - 15:10 Sheena Louisia (Leiden University, the Netherlands)
Using X-ray spectroscopy to investigate the chemistry of the electrocatalytic interface

15:10 - 15:25 Dario Calvani (Leiden University, the Netherlands)
Proton-Coupled Electron Transfer Dynamics in a Ru-bda Coordination Oligomer on Graphitic Surface

15:25 - 15:55 Coffee/tea break

Session 4:  Artificial Photosynthesis and Photoelectrocatalysis (chair: Marc Koper)

15:55 - 16:10 Titus de Haas (Leiden University, the Netherlands)
Understanding the mechanism of light-induced hydrogen evolution in water soluble cobalt porphyrin complexes

16:10 - 16:25 Shengxiang Yang (Leiden University, the Netherlands)
The real structure of an amorphous metal oxide oxygen evolution catalyst

16:25 - 17:05 Carla Casadevall (ICIQ/URV, Tarragona, Spain)
From Molecular Complexes to Hybrid Systems for Solar-driven Catalysis

17:05 - 17:45 Licheng Sun (Westlake University, China and KTH Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm, Sweden)

17:45 -  Closing words


18.00 - 19.00 Drinks in the Faculty Club


20.00 - Dinner in the Faculty Club

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