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Nomination Student representative Programme Board '23-'24

Nominate a fellow student to be a Student Representative in the International Studies Programme Board!

Who do you consider to be the best candidate for the job?

In your opinion, who has the best qualities to represent you in the Board? Soon you will be invited by email to send in a nomination for a student representative in the International Studies Programme Board.

To give you an idea, useful skills for the board members include:

  • willingness to make a serious contribution to the International Studies programme;
  • ability to think issues through from various perspectives;
  • trustworthiness and discreteness;
  • good networking and communication skills.

The Programme Board meets every month (1 hour meetings). The student representatives are also welcome to join the subsequent Management Team meetings. These meetings are usually scheduled on Mondays. 

Nominees must be students of the BA International Studies programme. Selected candidates will be invited for an interview with Dr. Jaap Kamphuis and Prof. Dr. Isabelle Duyvesteyn (the staff members of the Programme Board).

What does being a student member in the Programme Board entail?

Student representatives bring up and discuss important issues from the students. In addition, they can be asked for advice, for example on the opinion of fellow students, changes in the curriculum or questions from the Education Committee, or to join meetings with the Faculty Board or the Review Committee.

Being a student member in the Programme Board offers a great learning experience and the ability to meet up with a broad variety of people involved in the programme.

The current student representatives, Stijn Verbeek and Stephen Eijbergen, are appointed until 30 September 2023. Their successor(s) will be appointed from 1 October 2023.

If you have any additional questions regarding this position, please feel free to contact Jaap Kamphuis.

Many thanks in advance for your nomination!

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