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Help needed: looking for an Alumna of International Studies for Video Interview May/June

Are you a graduate (f) of International Studies, are you working in the private sector? Would you like to share your story in an International Studies Alumni Video? We are looking for you!

In May/June we would like to shoot one final interview for an alumni video about International Studies, which features three interviews with graduates. 

We are looking for one alumna to feature in a video that will be used in information materials about the programme. The video will help prospective students form a concrete image of what they can do with/after International Studies and current students understand the possible career paths after their study programme.

We still need to find one alumna (f), who works in private sector in The Hague (or surroundings) who is available somewhere in May or June: we can plan the interview according to your availability.  The interview will take two hours at most and we would like to film you in your work environment, which will serve as a backdrop to your story. We can help you arrange permission from your employer. If your employer needs convincing: the other graduates who have already been filmed work for "het ministerie van algemene zaken/ministry of general affairs" and "Clingendael". You can read the interview questions below, as you can see, your personal story is the main focus. 

Contact us
So, if you are enthusiastic about the programme, and if you have some time, we would love to hear your story! 
You can contact us through email: Astrid Pots, a.pots@hum.leidenuniv.nl

The Interview questions 
For the video, you will be asked the following questions.  

- Please introduce yourself, and what do you do? 
- Why did you study International Studies? 
- Why did you choose to study in Leiden/at Leiden University?
- What was your favorite subject?
- What (academic) skills did you learn during your studies (which you still use in your current job)?
- What kind of career did you envision when you studied? How did you end up here where you are?
- Can you tell us what your average working day looks like and  what do you like most about your job?
- Which master's degree did you do? And why?
- Where do you see yourself in the future?
- What do you do next to your studies (with the skills of your study, or with your interest in your study)?
- Do you have any tips for prospective students?

Example of an Alumni video: South and Southeast Asia Studies

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