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22 April: Student Conference – Challenge Expected

Creating a critical and open academic community: join the discussion.

Date: Friday April 22
Time: 15:00-17:30
Location: Schouwburgstraat, Living Lab

Students: Come and exchange thoughts at a student-only conference hosted by Ebrar Kaya, assessor to the Faculty of Humanities, and Ella Picavet, chair of IncLUsion Leiden. Registration for the event is not necessary. 

At this Conference two themes will be addressed:

  1. Academic community and academic freedom

This session focuses on what it means to be a part of an academic community and what academic freedom means to students. What does it mean to be a student, what responsibilities come with it? The three themes below we would like to explore in connection to community, communication and debate.

  • Academic community; what does it look like?
  • Academic community; academic freedom and debate
  • Academic community and social media
  1. University Social Responsibility in practice

This session focuses on the relationship between university, society, and students. What roles and responsibilities come with being (enrolled in) a university? The themes below address this university-society-student triangle.

  • Role of university in societal and political debate 
  • What does university mean to society?
  • What does university mean to you?


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