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Looking back on the Area Fair

First-year student Sarah Alonso Vega looks back on the area fair that took place on October 29th, what did you miss?

As the deadline for choosing a region of study dwells on International Studies Students, on October 29th, the yearly Area Fair was held for the first time in person since the COVID-19 pandemic. Students could walk around the main rooms in the Schouwburgstraat building as presentations, stands, and workshops were being offered.
For some first years, this area fair was a realization of how their bachelor's was really about to start. Others seemed to have already made up their mind before. Regardless of that, this fair was a breath of fresh air after a year of no contact; as second and third-year students, alongside teachers and even lecturers, came together to welcome and enjoy a nice afternoon with the freshmen of the bachelor.
Lectures focused on each region, like for example East Asia or the Middle East, provided an overview of what the general topics of discussion and learning would be coming in the next few years. Although short, these mini-lectures were very concise as they went in precisely on each country and their respective language, as well as their main focuses. First-Year students also got the opportunity to ask questions and hear from older students who chose that area, but most importantly, their real opinions on what they have experienced so far.
It did not stop there, as the Area Market had also Second and Third-year students at hand to answer any questions and talk about their courses. The entirety of the ground floor at Schouwburg could be seen filled with language stands with snacks from each country, books, and activities. Although, it must be said that more food and beverages would have been greatly appreciated.
Finally, and one of the most important reasons as to why the Area Fair is set up is to answer the big question: How to make a choice. To help, a small workshop held by Student Coordinators was provided, with tips and tricks on how to decide. One of the key takeaways from this was the T-Model. A simple way to put the pros and cons of a choice and help one make the most effective decision, not only for the area choice but in general life choices as well. 
This Area Fair, whilst maybe not entirely helping some students decide for sure on their specialization, can be certainly said to have been a nice time to socialize and know more about what the International Studies program has to offer. 


For everyone who still has some questions, there is a FAQ, and of course you can contact the Coordinators of Studies with your questions or if you are having difficulties making your decision. 
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