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This is the "This is International Studies Blog". On this blog we will publish posts written by staff and students. Topics of interest are all matters connected to the theme of the programme, including the presentation of current research by our academic staff, discusions on the profile of International Studies and related matters, such as multidisciplinarity.

We invite all staff and students involved in the programme to contribute to the blog. Please check the page How to blog how you can contribute.

Latest Blogposts

Summer holiday tips from your BAIS lecturers

End of the semester! Afraid to get bored of all the sun bathing and cocktail sipping ahead of you? With these Summer holiday tips from your lecturers you will have plenty of material to keep your brains busy, from a Nepalese coming of age novel to a history podcast on revolutions and from books on banking to an Aztec exhibition in Leiden Read more ->

Anton de Kom door Jikke van Loon, 2006. Standbeeld in Amsterdam Zuid-Oost.

Why we need a statue of Anton de Kom in The Hague

Have you heard of Anton de Kom? Do you know why there is a monument of him in Amsterdam? If this name does not ring a bell for you, keep on reading (and also do if it does!).Read more -> 





Source: Michelle & Noel Keserwany by Mariam Ibrahim

Noel Keserwany: The Power of Art

Art is more than just a painting, song or music, dance or any other form that it takes. It is considered to be a more of a soft, intellectual way of expression, where artists express themselves to the world in their own way either visually or audibly or of course in any way that includes the 5 senses. Read more -> 



By Dr. Stefano Bellucci

Great reset

An ecological “mistake” produced covid-19 and now covid-19 is exacerbating all kinds of existing problems. Income and gender inequalities are increasing and with them social conflict and domestic violence. However, Read more -> 

By Dr. Judith Naeff

Academics sound the alarm: towards a normal academic standard

On Tuesday 6 April 2021, a group of protesters wearing red berets, some in professor gowns, gathered at the Hofvijver in the Hague. Read more -> 

By Dr. Judith Naeff

What are you reading, watching and listening these Christmas holidays?

Crashing on the couch after the semester, but what to read, watch and listen? Check the book, film and music tips from your lecturers at International Studies!
Read more (books)->
Read more (music & films)->



By Prof. Dr. Marina Terkourafi

Not the end of facism but an extremely important moment for us

On October 7, a court in Athens, Greece, condemned Golden Dawn leaders as running a criminal organization. The decision has been heralded as historic across Europe, as it is the first verdict against a far-right political party, which has held seats in the national and the European Parliaments and had links with similar-minded political parties in Europe and the US. Read more ->

By a graduate of International Studies who has been involved in the Palestine and migrant solidarity movements.

Having Conversations in Occupied Palestine and Fortress Europe

Through spending time in Palestine and migrant solidarity movements I have become heavily disdainful of calls for “dialogue.” We are always being told that what needs to happen is another conversation, more diplomacy. Read more -> 


By Stefano Bellucci

Covid-19 and labour: Workers are set to pay the price of the pandemic

It was Shakespeare who once wrote that “the web of our life is of a mingled yarn, good and ill together”. In the book The Great Leveler, Walter Scheidel claims that violence has historically reduced economic inequality, and catastrophes are therefore somehow a historical human necessity since the Stone Age. Read more >>

By Dr. Marat Markert

Crisis begets crisis? Assessing the crisis response in the EU

Crisis begets opportunity, they say. But looking at how the EU member states have responded to the economic fallouts of the Covid-19 pandemic, one might wonder whether the crisis response will beget another crisis. Read more >>




By Elena Burgos Martinez

The hiatus COVID-19’s preventive measures have provided us with presents a unique opportunity to reflect upon our imprint on Earth’s health. Here the medium is also the message. Read more -> 





By Francisco José López

Perspectives in the Time of Corona

We are certainly living in very uncertain times, but one thing seems to be clear: we will face one of the harshest economic, social, and health crises of our times. Have we taken the right measures? Have we overreacted, and thus messed up with the economy? What is the meaning of life when the future is so uncertain? Read more -> 



By Prof. Dr. Giles Scott-Smith

Digital Education: Fast and Furious?

Programme chair Prof. Dr. Giles Scott-Smith writes about the challenge of online education. How can we get the best out of traditional and digital education after the Corona crisis? Read more -> 


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