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About the LHSC

For knowledge to really benefit society as a whole, knowledge institutions, the municipality, citizens, and all other parties or organizations involved need to be aware of each other's contributions and needs. The Leiden Healthy Society Center has the ambition to connect up knowledge, policy, and practice in a sustainable way. To that end, we want to strengthen the links between education and research and the concerns of citizens and other societal partners.


By bringing together the various parties involved and encouraging collaboration between them, we aim to facilitate them in finding successful solutions that contribute to the health and well-being of the citizens of Leiden: solutions that can then be implemented more broadly to benefit everyone living in the municipality.  

Wicked problems

Solving complex issues, also known as "wicked problems", calls for all-round collaboration. The LHSC uses an innovative approach to such problems. It encourages an integral and interdisciplinary view of health issues, in co-creation with all the parties involved. We believe that this approach makes an effective contribution to solving wicked problems in the field of health and well-being. From this conviction, we also apply this approach in our own activities.  

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