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Workshop: Interdisciplinary Research Design for Global Studies

What does it mean to do “global research”? Global studies is an emerging field that focuses on transboundary, international, and global processes and systems, such as climate change, global social media, and globalization. These issues call for researchers to think beyond conventional state actors or any individual disciplines. Global studies represent a holistic approach that aims to understand contemporary global issues from multi-disciplinary, multi-level, and interactive perspectives.

This workshop aimed to help graduate students and faculty within established disciplines to design inter-disciplinary global research projects. It started with a presentation by Professor McCarty about issues involved in research design in global studies. The presentation was followed by an interactive workshop where researchers could ask general questions about global research, their own research design, or any design issues they had encountered during their own research. 

The workshop presentation draws from the book The Global Turn: Theories, Research Designs, and Methods for Global Studies (Darian- Smith and McCarty, 2017), available online through the Leiden University Library.

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