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Lunch Seminar: Transformations in Global Climate Finance

On 8 April, Michael Sampson and Shiming Yang, from the new GTGC Seed Grant project 'Transformations in Global Climate Finance' presented on their research set-up and engaged in a discussion with the audience.

About the project

This project aims to understand the emergence of North-South climate clubs. Climate change has become an existential crisis for humanity. Climate finance, especially to developing countries, is crucial for limiting global warming to 1.5C. However, the current level of climate finance to the global South is grossly inadequate, due to the divergent spending preferences and lack of trust between the global North and South. This has led to a transformation in global climate finance: wealthy states are diverting funding from global climate funds, where they have limited control, to alternative “club” funds that feature more selective membership of donors and recipient states, as well as more specific climate goals and operational models.

GTGC's Seed Grant programme

To support interdisciplinary research on today's world-scale changes and governing challenges, the GTGC programme awards a number of seed grants to scholars at Leiden University collaborating across different faculties and institutes.

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