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GTGC Democracy and Citizenship Seminar

Thursday 21 April 2022
Turfmarkt 99
2511 DC The Hague

In the last decades, society has faced a series of unprecedented global crises, related to finance, climate, migration, pandemic, and now most recently an unfolding war. These crises amplify the need for effective global governance structures. However, to establish such structures and ensure their efficiency, there needs to be a public consensus regarding the delegation of powers that enables the global governance institutions to take action.

This meeting of the “Democracy and Citizenship” thematic stream of the GTGC project focuses on the question of citizenship under conditions of global crises. Have these challenges changed our understanding of citizenship, and/or should they, with an extension to global governance? And, crucially, how far do the measures introduced by global governance structures regarding these crises respond to the citizen demands.

List of presentations:

  • Marion Collewet “Participatory Value Evaluation of policy options for the energy transition – an application to the residential heat transition in Amsterdam.”
  • Lydie Cabane “Un-solvable crises? Implementation and differentiation in multilevel crisis governance in the EU.”
  • Matthew Longo “Borders after Covid: Defining the scope of concern.”

Following the meeting, all attendees are invited to join the social gathering in "Burrata" near the Wijnhaven campus (Turfmarkt 87, Den Haag). If you plan to attend, please contact the co-conveners of this group: Anastasia Ershova, Aleksandra Khokhlova, and Jan Aart Scholte.

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