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Campus square

Over the coming years, the Leiden Bio Science Park will be transformed from a business park into a campus. The campus square will be the vibrant heart of this area. Here, the university, businesses and the city of Leiden get together.


The square will be located between the large-scale housing development in the entrance area on Plesmanlaan, the new Sports and Examination Centre (which is yet to be realised) the lecture halls, and the second phase of the Gorlaeus Building of the Faculty of Science. The square encourages meetings and connects the University to the city. The square will mainly be used by its ‘own’  students and the employees of the Science Campus : a place where they can work and study. But residents of Leiden are also welcome, since apartments will be built in this area as well. Sports and culture enthusiasts can also enjoy themselves on the campus square, which is expected to be completed in 2023.

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