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Diversity and Inclusion

Are you looking for evidence-based approaches to help your organization be more diverse and inclusive? Would you like to have a better conceptual and practical understanding of organizational diversity and inclusion? Research shows that diversity and inclusion (D&I) are vital moral and strategic values that make better functioning organizations.


Diversity consists of visible and invisible markers of social identity like class, gender, sexuality, ethnicity, and functional limitation intersect to shape an individual’s social position and opportunities.


Inclusion is a state in which diverse people feel a high level of psychological safety because they feel they belong, that their voice is respected and they can be successful.

Custom and incompany D&I courses

Please note that all our upcoming open courses, at least until autumn 2023, will be given in Dutch. Please see our Dutch D&I courses here. We hope to offer open D&I courses in English soon as well.

Are you interested in a custom or incompany D&I course in English? Please contact our programme leader Dr. Kate Kirk.

For advice or questions about our courses please email: learning@fgga.leidenuniv.nl 

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